Good Vibes

Andrea is truly a wonderful and intuitive coach and a person who is passionate about helping others find their path in life. She has opened me up to a different way of thinking and by introducing me to meditation I have leaned to stop swimming against the tide and go with the flow. When you do this, what you want starts to flow your way.
Claire O. (Milton, ON)

I want to thank you Andrea for the wonderful experience I felt with distance Reiki and letting me take part in this. The positive energy I felt afterwards was unbelievable. I will highly recommend you to others.
Sue K. (Sifton, MB)

I went to Andrea when I was feeling particularly uncertain about my path in life and my mind had been clouded and unfocused for months. I was curious but not entirely convinced that Reiki would help me. Not long after our session, my mental fog had started to lift. I started the New Year feeling better than I had felt in months. A muscle pain that I had been feeling in my leg for months also went away a few weeks later.
Elizabeth S. (Hamilton, ON)

Andrea Kovacs is a wonderful and gifted healer. She has a strong instinct to help those in need and I am truly grateful to know such a kind hearted and spiritual person. She instantly makes you feel calm and safe and I would recommend her to anyone looking for physical, mental and or emotional relief and insight
Andrea M. (Toronto, ON)